By Noah Kaufman
Updated December 03, 2014
Courtesy of SundanceTV

When we were in elementary school, there was nothing better than curling up with a Choose Your Own Adventure book (we never made it out of the Cave of Time alive). But now there's an update for the mobile era. Ahead of Friday's premiere of One Child at 9/8c, Sundance TV gave us an exclusive look at a new text game that can be played on any phone.

To start, text “HELLO” to 917-809-6812 and you’ll be pulled into a conversation with a character from the show. Keep answering his questions via text, and you may be asked to help your "long lost brother" navigate the Chinese mafia and a black market for organs. American Book Award winner Julie Chibbaro wrote the shifting script and game designer Brian Fountain programmed the experience. We're not sure what this says about them, but note that morally questionable players may have the best luck.

One Child, about a Chinese woman adopted by British parents who has to unravel the mystery of her past, is another in a line of intense dramas coming out of Sundance TV, which has put out several critical darlings over the few years with shows like Rectify and Top of the Lake. Now if you’ll excuse us we have to back to stealing kidneys.