Summer Water Societé launches its second season today. 

Credit: Ekaterina Molchanova/Getty Images

Last summer was the season of the 40-ounce bottle of rosé, an only slightly classier version of the giant beers most people probably drank in high school (don't worry, we're not telling on you). This summer, rosé lovers will have a smaller—much smaller—perspective on pink wine, or at least the people who join Summer Water Societé will. A subscription to Winc’s wine club now includes 24 mini bottles of rosé, adorably called “droplets.”

Summer Water
Credit: Courtesy of Winc

For $350, you’ll get three wine deliveries straight to your door, one for each month of the summer. In May and July, you’ll receive three magnums of Summer Water rosé (which equals six regular bottles) and in June, you’ll receive a 24 pack of the mini “droplet” bottles of Summer Water, which also equals six regular size bottles. This is the fuel you need for that rooftop party you’ve been planning, for the all pink bridal shower you’ve been fantasizing about throwing, the annual barbecue that you host on the beach—or whatever other parties you’re looking forward to this summer. Because no warm weather get together is complete without pink wine.

Why would you need such small servings of rosé, when we all know that rosé is best enjoyed in large amounts, preferably throughout the day? Let me open your mind to the possibilities: The droplets are the perfect size for casual beach sipping because they’re light enough to carry in your tote bag. Headed to a wedding? Down a couple of these mini bottles before the ceremony and then be the best dancer at the reception. Rather not pay inflated prices for a beer at a baseball game? One of these little guys could fit inside a clutch.

Last year, Summer Water Societé racked up a waitlist of around 1,000 people, so if you want to be among the lucky people living in a rosé-tinted wine soaked summer wonderland, then you had better head over and register now.