With Memorial Day weekend approaching, I’ve been finalizing my summer reading list. These new or soon-to-be-released books will most certainly be packed in my beach bag:

Montreal-based author Taras Grescoe chronicles his nine-month search for a humane plate of seafood and delivers a fascinatingly frightening look at the seafood industry in his new book, Bottomfeeder: How to Eat Ethically in a World of Vanishing Seafood.

Jen Lin-Liu’s forthcoming book, Serve the People: A Stir-Fried Journey Through China, is part memoir, part travelogue and part cookbook (more than 20 recipes are interspersed throughout the chapters). It follows the Chinese-American as she attempts to connect to China by enrolling in cooking school, apprenticing at a noodle stall and dumpling house and interning at a chic Shanghai restaurant.

Capitalizing on the current obsession with drama-filled reality food shows on TV, Kate Jacobs has penned Comfort Food, a chick-lit-ish new novel about a female celebrity chef trying to reinvent her cooking show as she approaches her 50th birthday.