Making fast food classy. 

McDonald's concert venue
Credit: oe Raedle / Staff / Getty Images 

When you think of famous music halls, what usually comes to mind? Maybe the Sydney Opera House, or Carnegie Hall. This Summer, McDonald’s joins their hallowed ranks.

Yes, it’s true: Starting May 5, the owner and operator of McDonald’s Chelsea location, PJ Fonseca, will hold a summer concert series, featuring award-winning pianist Darius Frowner, who will be accompanied by a different singer each night. They will perform a mix of pop, jazz, soul, and show tunes, in a kind of Cabaret Night for the modern fast food diner. Frowner is an accomplished musician in his orn right: He has worked on local productions of Chicago and A Chorus Line, and performed with Joan Rivers and Whoopi Goldberg.

The concerts will happen every Friday at 7:30 pm in the newly renovated fast food establishment.

It will be interesting to see how devotees of the value meal staple respond to efforts to get them to stick around the dining room. Perhaps McDonald’s is testing the waters to see if their customers are ready for the chain to take the “fast” out of their “fast casual” model.

This method is especially surprising though, given that it conjures up images of a classy jazz club where diners are sipping martinis, not scarfing down fries.

But that’s probably all part of the Fonesca’s plan to revamp McDonald’s image so that it includes a new type of customer: one who isn’t in a hurry and regularly spends the time to enjoy a music or theater performance.

And hey let’s be honest, it’s probably also a not-so-subtle stunt to pull in curious customers who can’t resist a free concert, and won’t miss the opportunity to see music played in the unlikeliest of places.