New York loves a good Aperol Spritz while Miami still stands by Frosé.

By Bridget Hallinan
Updated June 25, 2019
Aperol Spritz
Credit: Malkovstock/Getty Images

Every year when summer rolls around, you’ve probably noticed your local bars adding a few drink specials to the menu—goblets of pink, slushy frozen rosé (aka frosé) and the ever-popular Aperol Spritz usually make the list, along with margaritas, Palomas, and other refreshing cocktails. Some restaurants have even gone so far as to offer color-changing drinks (yes, really), thanks to the magic of the butterfly pea flower. This year, Yelp did some digging to find out which cocktail trends are hot for summer 2019, as well as which cocktail cities across the country prefer—and the results might surprise you.

To cull the list, Yelp’s data science team looked at reviews and pinpointed which drinks were mentioned the most—for the city-by-city breakdown, they identified how frequently each drink was mentioned in a metro area relative to the national average. (Cities were picked based on a combination of top DMAS (designated marketing areas) and top metro areas based on the number of open businesses on Yelp.) As it turns out, the Aperol Spritz is projected to have a particularly big year in 2019, despite a controversial New York Times take, with mentions in reviews up 94 percent from 2018—according to Yelp, it’s particularly popular in Boston, New York, and D.C. The Paloma, Negroni, and Spiked Seltzer were also identified as “trendy” cocktails on the rise this summer. Frosé, Moscow Mules, and Mojitos, on the other hand, are declining. (Frosé in particular reached its peak last summer, while Moscow Mules peaked in 2015.)

As for the top preferences in each city? It varies—several southwestern cites, like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, and Albuquerque, appear to form a dedicated Moscow Mule belt, despite the drink’s decline in Yelp popularity this year. Spiked Seltzer is having a renaissance on the east coast, with Boston, Philadelphia, Raleigh, Charlotte, and Tampa Bay mentioning it the most; Frosé still has a solid fanbase too, in cities ranging from Washington D.C. and Miami to Dallas, Nashville, and Atlanta. And while the Aperol Spritz is peaking in mentions this summer, only two cities on the map have it designated as their drink of choice—New York and Omaha. To see which drink your city prefers, you can check out the graphic below.

Yelp Summer Drink Trends
Credit: Courtesy of Yelp.

Speaking of summer cocktails, this week (June 24-30) is Negroni Week—an annual event where bars around the world serve Negronis and Negroni spins, donating a portion of proceeds to a charity of their choice. You can find bars participating everywhere from New York to Sydney, Australia. However, if you’re planning on celebrating at home, we picked up nine tips from a master bartender to help you make the perfect Negroni—just make sure you don’t rub the orange peel on the rim.