Jim Lahey: an Occupy Wall Street Bread Donor.By now you know, the Occupy Wall Street crowd isn’t in any danger of starving. In Jeff Gordinier’s excellent article in last week’s New York Times, a protester said he’d gained five pounds in 12 days. Among the enviable food that’s being served at Zuccotti Park: pastrami and corned beef sandwiches from Katzs deli, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and cookies from a former Birdbath baker (which means those are some good cookies). All the carbo-loading protesters have got some terrific bread to snack on, too. Sullivan Street Bakery owner Jim Lahey, who is gearing up to open both his University of Bread and his new Ninth Avenue bakery this winter, has been supplying the protesters with bread for three weeks now. Right now, the deliveries are “overage” loaves that get delivered around 3 a.m., but eventually Lahey wants to bake directly for OWS. Maybe he can create a special No-Knead No-Greed loaf.