The 'Natural AF' cosmetics company launched this week. 
lawless beauty
Credit: Courtesy of LAWLESS Beauty

Annie Lawless, one of the founders of Suja Juice, an organic cold-pressed juice company based in San Diego, is getting into the beauty business—but she hasn’t left the world of healthy, natural lifestyle products behind.

The line, called Lawless Beauty, features a selection of eight naturally formulated liquid lipsticks, in shades ranging from nude, to lilac, to deep red and purple. Lawless Beauty’s tagline is “Natural AF,” a signal that the range will be “always free” of compounds—which include petroleums, parabens, sulfates, animal testing, and arsenic—that could be harmful to your skin.

According to their website, the lipsticks are free of “cancer-causing or endocrine disrupting,” chemicals, and claim to be completely “non-toxic.” Lawless plans to add more shades to the line, as well as a foundation, concealer and setting powder in 2018.

Lawless, who suffers from celiac disease, founded Suja Juice in 2012 along with her three collaborators; she was the youngest of the business-minded group, at only 25 years old. Three years later, she sold thirty percent of Suja Juice to Coca-Cola for around $300 million. The next year, she made the Forbes 30 under 30 list, following the success of the company.

According to Allure, Lawless knew that she wanted to continue expanding her empire of natural products. She cited her frustration that natural beauty products often aren’t long-wearing, or deeply pigmented, as part of her motivation for creating her own makeup line.

“I knew there was a demand for a great brand to come along that wasn’t just natural, but an amazing makeup brand that worked,” she told the magazine.

Lawless Beauty promises the benefits of a regular makeup line—that the liquid lipsticks are comfortable on the lips, without being “ultra-drying,” for instance—while offering the comforting reassurance that it’s producing makeup that is safe, too. So for all you obsessive green juice drinkers out there who live life au naturel, this might just be the beauty line you've been waiting for.