The london-born designer known simply as Suhail has created only two restaurants so far, both in Chicago, but with each one he invented an entirely new visual vocabulary. The first, Tizi Melloul, is a lush ode to Morocco filled with hand-woven textiles, tooled-leather ottomans and other traditional crafts. The other, Mod, is a candy-colored riff on modernism in which one motif--rows of cut-out circles--is repeated in such synthetic materials as recycled rubber, corrugated fiberglass and acrylic. The circular theme extends to the convex safety mirrors on the walls and Suhail's own egg-shaped chairs. (His designs were shown this year at the prestigious Milan Furniture Fair.) On the strength of these eye-catching projects, Suhail has been the buzz of the design world. He hasn't yet taken on any more restaurants, however. He's waiting for a project that's--you guessed it--completely different from what he's already done.

-Emily C. Lawrence