Sugarfina launched its summer-ready beer collaboration today. 

Sugarfina is best known as the chic and colorful purveyor of candy for grownups: Its rosé gummy bears inspired a waitlist 500 people long when it first released them in 2016. Since then, Sugarfina has catered to that understandable human desire to combine alcohol and candy with a line of bourbon infused gummy bears, and Tito’s vodka infused chocolate. With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, Sugarfina has announced that its latest collaboration will also be a first for the company.

Today Sugarfina launched a line of gummies inspired by Corona. The beer collaboration includes two new gummy flavors that will give you serious summer vibes: But First, Cerveza is a Corona Light-flavored gummy in the shape of a beer bottle, while Here for a Good Lime is a “zesty” lime slice gummy. Eat them together for the ultimate Corona-on-the-beach experience—without having to crack open a beer.

The collection is non-alcoholic too, so if you need a reminder of sunshine, spending the day at the beach, or the relaxing sound of the waves throughout the day, just grab one of these gummies and let yourself be transported. Better yet, if you’re planning any Cinco de Mayo celebrations, these adorable candies are the perfect accompaniment to any actual Coronas that may be on hand during the party.

The collection goes on sale online today and will be available in stores on May 1, meaning you have plenty of time to stock up on the gummies before Cinco de Mayo. Display them in a little candy dishes around your apartment—or maybe on the roof or in the backyard, weather permitting—to give your gathering an extra touch of sweetness. And if the weather starts to get cold again, keep a couple of the cubes in your desk drawer for a taste of summer anytime.