"I look forward to literally owning the luxury micro-treat category," Reynolds said.
Sugarfina Aviation Gin Candy
Credit: Courtesy of Sugarfina

Sugarfina is known for candy that goes beyond your typical gummies and chocolates. Its rosé gummy bears debuted in 2017, inspiring a long waitlist; earlier this spring, coffee-infused gummies also joined the lineup. The brand’s latest collaboration is also boozy, but this time the candies are infused with gin. Enter the Sugarfina x Aviation collection, which launched on October 3 and offers three different sweets made with Aviation Gin, a distillery owned by Ryan Reynolds. All are inspired by classic cocktails, ranging from the Gin Fizz to a Gin & Tonic.

“The alarming lack of gin-based snacks available for purchase provides Sugarfina and Aviation a true advantage. I look forward to literally owning the luxury micro-treat category,” Reynolds said in a statement.

We had the opportunity to try all three candies as soon as they launched. First up was the Gin Fizz Bears, which are infused with Aviation Gin and “dusted in superfine sweet and tart crystals to evoke the drink’s fizzy effervescent notes.” They started off sweet with citrus-y notes, almost reminiscent of a Sour Patch Kid. But as you keep chewing, the juniper and gin really come through, with a slight bitterness. We loved the crunchy texture the sugar brought to the gummies, too. Then, we went for the Gimlet Gummies, which Sugarfina describes as tart and infused with lime. These are definitely the most gin-forward of the three, ideal for purists who like a strong Gimlet flavor.

Our favorite by far was the Gin & Tonic cordials, which are dark chocolate balls with a liquid gin center. Reader, they were a pleasant surprise. We didn’t expect gin and chocolate to work together, but they really do. The crispy exterior gives way to a cool burst of herby gin. It’s like a candy shot—an adult Gusher.

Now, the real question is, do you have to be 21 to buy them? Turns out you do, as there is real alcohol in the candies. (A max of 5 percent ABV, according to the website.) There are also restrictions on where they can be shipped, depending on the state. All three flavors are available on Sugarfina’s website now in a “Bento Box,” which rings in at $28, as well as individual boxes for $8.50 each. Please, eat responsibly.

Aviation Gin 3-Piece Candy Bento Box, $28 at sugarfina.com