We tried all three flavors of the buzzy new gummy bears: cold brew, bourbon cold brew, and iced vanilla latte.

By Bridget Hallinan
Updated April 23, 2019
Credit: Courtesy of Sugarfina.

A morning cup (or more realistically, cups) of coffee is a firmly established ritual for caffeine fiends—but what if we told you that you could get the same kick through gummy bears? On Monday, Sugarfina and Alfred (a Los Angeles-based coffee shop) launched a new product that’s being touted as the world’s first coffee-infused, caffeinated gummy bears, which they're selling in stores and online in three flavors: cold brew, bourbon cold brew, and iced vanilla latte. While you may feel skeptical about the purported strength of candy, rest assured that the gummy bears contain 60 milligrams of caffeine per serving. In other words? A whole shot of espresso, in candy form. We’ll take five.

Credit: Courtesy of Sugarfina.

We tried out the new bears ahead of the launch, and the experience was surprisingly positive. One over-excited (and likely over-caffeinated) editor said, “This is a brilliant and important idea! There are so many times I need a caffeine hit but don’t feel like committing to an entire coffee.” First up was cold brew, which had the earthy, acidic flavor you’d expect from coffee, with a caramel-like undertone; then, bourbon cold brew, which had a smokier, subtler taste. (A fellow editor noticed hints of chocolate.) My personal favorite was the iced vanilla latte bears, which are described as tasting like “espresso infused with vanilla bean and almond milk.” They smelled exactly like said latte and were pleasantly sweet; however, I’m admittedly not a coffee-drinker, so if you like a stronger pour, the cold brew flavors are probably your best bet.

Credit: Courtesy of Sugarfina.

The bears come in different-sized, coffee-themed packaging. The smallest packages are 3.5-ounce plastic mini cups, which run $7 a piece and are exactly what they sound like, complete with a lid and straw. (Each cup contains one flavor.) You can also buy the bears in 12-ounce “coffee bags,” for $14; and, if you really want to commit to the coffee gummy bear lifestyle, a tumbler filled with cold brew and iced vanilla latte gummy bears for $25. In total, the tumbler has 9.5 ounces of gummy bears, and offers 125 milligrams of caffeine, equal to two shots of espresso.

To buy: Cold Brew Bears Coffee Mini Cups, $21 at sugarfina.com

To buy: Cold Brew Bears Coffee Bag, $7 (originally $14) at sugarfina.com

To buy: But First, Coffee Tumbler, $25 at sugarfina.com