Credit: © Radharc Images / Alamy Stock Photo

A “Footlong” sandwich should be a foot long. It’s a novel idea, and one that, thanks to a recent legal settlement, Subway is going to start taking to heart.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, for the past two years, the world’s largest sandwich chain has been working to settle a number of lawsuits claiming that their “footlong” and six-inch subs didn’t always meet their advertised length. Yesterday, the company announced they had come to an agreement, choosing to change restaurant practices in lieu of handing out a mass class-action payment to customers.

Don’t worry, though; the lawyers still will get paid up to $525,000 for all their hard work fighting for sandwich justice.

So what do Subway lovers get? According to court documents, franchisees will now be required to measure bread to make sure it’s actually the length they say it is—as if that sandwich isn’t going to have its length severely altered when you throw it in a backpack and forget about it for a couple of hours anyway.

But at least now we’re keeping all of those Subway franchisees painfully honest. They had it way too easy selling $5 sandwiches out of a small hole in the wall storefront in a dilapidated strip mall. Glad we showed those fat cats!

[h/t Money]