The sandwich giant announced its partnered with four of the largest delivery services.
Credit: TennesseePhotographer/Getty Images

Interested in having a Subway sandwich delivered to your door? You now have 9,000 options. In one of the largest single-day delivery announcements ever (as America’s largest chain by number of locations, most restaurants couldn’t have done something like this if they wanted to), Subway said it has partnered with four of America’s most prominent delivery services to drastically increase its delivery presence across the country.

UberEats, Grubhub, DoorDash, and Postmates are all now working with the U.S.’s biggest sandwich brand—and based on the scope of these four partnerships, the number of Subway locations offering delivery, which is currently about 9,000, could expand quickly in the coming months. In its own announcement, Postmates suggested that its service alone could eventually offer delivery at as many as 10,000 Subway locations in total. For the record, Subway has about 26,000 locations in the United States. (By comparison, McDonald’s, at number two, has about 14,000.)

Needless to say, wrapping your head around four different ordering services can be tricky, so Subway also has as a single platform to sort out what the best delivery option is near you. Additionally, Subway’s senior director of global convenience Michael Lang wants people to know that, even from your phone, you’ll still be able to order “a customized, made-to-order sandwich” just as you would while peering through the glass partition in-store.

As a side note, however, Subway—which has definitely benefitted from positioning itself as an inexpensive option—also says that beyond the fact that fees and minimum order requirements may apply, the prices offered via delivery may be higher than in store, and promotional prices, coupons, and the Subway MyWay Rewards Program are not valid on deliveries as well.

Meanwhile, despite the big announcement, Postmates reminds us that this isn’t Subway’s first foray into delivery. "We've been testing delivery with Subway for quite some time,” said Dan Mosher, Postmates’ SVP, Merchant Lead. “In fact, we've delivered 43 miles of subs.” It’s fun to image that it was just one really big sub, though that probably (sadly) wasn’t the case.