Fun fact: Manhattan has more Subways than subway stops.

subway sandwich eat fresh chain map in new york city boroughs
Credit: MIGUEL MEDINA / Getty Images

Subway has a lot of locations. An insane amount really. Think there’s a Starbucks on every corner? Well, globally, Subway has twice as many locations as Starbucks. With approximately 33,000 locations worldwide Subway even topples McDonald’s—which has about 1,000 fewer locations—on a global scale. The insane part is that, in the U.S., Subway has 26,744 locations—over 12,000 more than McDonald’s—but makes less than a third in annual revenue. So in a nutshell, what Subway excels at most is being easy to come by—and a new section of Reddit called “r/SubwaySubway” really hammers that concept home: It’s a place where people can submit subway maps that have reimagined the stops by replacing them with Subway sandwich shop locations.

Apparently started a week ago for reasons that, like many things on the internet, aren’t entirely clear, r/SubwaySubway describes its purpose simply as “For metro maps based on Subway Sandwich Stores.” In its short existence, it’s already seen 48 different submissions from a map of Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Paris, France, to all five boroughs of New York City. For instance, here’s Manhattan:

For the five New York City maps at least, NBC New York was able to get a bit of information about their backstory. The local news station says they were the work of Reddit user Isiah Bryant, a 15-year-old “cartography and public transit fan” from Mississauga, Canada. “I’ve always loved maps and public transportation and I thought it would be fun,” he told NBC. “I love New York City…. I’ve been there three times and I want to go again.”

Bryant also said he learned something along the way. “Manhattan has more Subways than subway stops,” he was quoted as saying. Meanwhile, what do his parents think of his odd new hobby? “They have been very supportive and very happy that I’m doing them,” he told the station. Maybe his parents are co-CEOs of Subway?