Get the World's Hottest Peppers Mailed to You Every Month From This Subscription Service

For serious spice lovers.

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Photo: Courtesy of Robyn Jasko

If your spice obsession can no longer be satisfied by just putting Sriracha on every edible surface, but you're not quite ready to commit the time and mental energy to becoming a full-on spice aficionado, the Make 100 Chili Pepper Harvest Box is here for you. It's a subscription service that will send you three shipments of hot peppers, one each month for the duration of the harvest season (September, October, and November). You'll get six different types of pepper each month, for a total of eighteen different kinds of chili peppers. The peppers come in all different levels of spice, so you're sure to find at least one that's exactly the right spice level for your palate.

The project comes from Robyn Jasko, who you might remember from her previous Homesweet Homegrown Kickstarter hot pepper subscription. This time, it's a limited release as part of Kickstarter's make/100 initiative. The tagline is "This year, bring 100 _____ into the world," and the idea is to offer just 100 of whatever you're making. Accordingly, they're only offering 100 CSA Harvest Box shares (the subscription service) and 100 Harvest Box Sampler boxes (single boxes featuring six different varieties of peppers).

The hundred CSA Harvest Box shares are divided into a number of different options: 50 of the 100 shares available are for the "Quarter Share," which costs $175. 25 of the remaining 50 are for the "Half Share," which is basically the same except double the amount for $250. 15 of the remaining 25 are for the "Full Share, " which is four times the Quarter Share for $325. Finally, the remaining 10 of the 100 shares are for the XXXXX share, which is not a super pornographic pepper subscription service. It's eight times as many peppers as the Quarter Share, for $475, which is great if you plan to have three spicy food dinner parties a month for three months, but otherwise might be a bit excessive.

Don't have $475 to drop on peppers? $60 will get you one of the 86 remaining sampler boxes, which includes six half pints of each different pepper. $25 will get you a copy of Homesweet Homegrown, a book about growing, preparing, and storing your own food, as well as a packet of pepper seeds of your choice.

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