By Noah Kaufman
Updated June 23, 2017
Drone Food Delivery
Credit: © Erik Tham / Alamy Stock Photo

We at FWx are thankful that 2015 has so far yielded relatively few mentions of last year's worst trendy idea, using drones to deliver food. Drones stopped being cool sometime between bringing overpriced Champagne to bros in Vegas and getting a sponsorship from Coke, which is why we're delighted to see a similar publicity stunt quite literally burst into flames.

The Dutch restaurant De Zwaan, which just recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of its Michelin star, is known for bringing in the first asparagus of the season via unconventional transport like hot air balloons and Formula One race cars. But this year, they decided to use a quad-copter. As you can see in the video above, it didn't go as planned.

Gimmicks aside, that white asparagus looks incredible, and we will eat whatever didn’t burn up in the fire.