By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 09, 2016
Oysters on the Half Shell with Rosé Mignonette. Photo © Michael Turek
Credit: © Michael Turek

With Memorial Day in our rearview, we are now plowing full-throttle into the heart of summertime: warm weather, the great outdoors, slurping down oysters and chasing it with a dry rosé. But, sadly, it’s Thursday, and though the weather might be warm, you’re stuck in an office with no oysters in sight.

Not to worry, though. Grab that secret bottle of Rosé you have stashed in your desk, mentally prepare yourself to drink it warm, and hit play on the YouTube video above. Be sure to fire that bad boy all the way up to 1080p HD and push it to full screen. You’ll instantly be whisked away to Island Creek Oysters in Duxbury, Massachusetts. The Cape Cod oyster farm recently got a drone and decided to show it off by filming some beautiful footage of their facilities and Cape Cod Bay. Not only is the footage stunning, but if you’ve never visited an oyster farm, it’s also mildly educational. Mildly. Don’t let that ruin your fun.

Sure, the slow-mo effect is a bit over the top. And yes, the music is a bit intense. But do what I do: Just mute Island Creek’s video and toss a little “Summer Breeze” by Seals and Croft on instead. Oh, and finish the Rosé fast; I think I see your boss coming.