Credit: © Photos 12 / Alamy Stock Photo

Don't worry: eating from this limited edition Studio Ghibli-themed café menu won't turn you into a terrifying spirit world pig. Tokyo's The Sun Café in Roppongi Hills—a venue you may remember from this past April's Sailor Moon pop-up café—just got a total Studio Ghibli makeover. The menu went live on July 7th, and will continue through September 11th. So if you're an anime geek or film buff and you find yourself in Tokyo at some point this summer, you know where to go.

The café comes as part of the Roppongi Hills Studio Ghibli retrospective exhibition, which showcases art from all 22 of the studio's animated films (including The Red Turtle, hasn't been distributed to theaters yet). In fact, to get into the café, you also need to have a ticket to the exhibit, which cost ¥1800 (about $18 USD). If you're a fan of the studio, this exhibition may make you explode with joy. Seriously. Check out the photos visitors are posting of it.

The menu offers eleven themed items, including Laputa bread, a reference to the sweet scene in Castle in the Sky when male protagonist Pazu gives female protagonist Sheeta a fried egg on a slice of toast. The café also serves a soot-blackened burger, a reference to the adorable dust bunnies that appear in My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. There are also a variety of themed desserts and drinks available, including a parfait sheltered by an umbrella (a reference to Totoro's famous bus stop scene).