You can finally eat a New York bagel and a New York pizza... at the same time.

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stromboli bagels
Credit: Courtesy of Alex Ostroff

This December only, the Strombagel is here. Officially called the Stromboli Bagel, the collaboration between New York City's Black Seed Bagel and Emily Pizza will, for one, glorious winter month, join what may be NYC's top two cuisines into their ultimate hybrid form. Featuring a stuffing of mozzarella, salami, and spicy Italian peppers, the Emily x Black Seed Stromboli Bagel wraps it all up in Black Seed bagel dough, covers it in poppy and sesame seeds, and, in case that wasn't enough, drizzles it all with Mike's Hot Honey, a chili-infused honey that's also made in NYC.

Black Seed's James Beard Award-nominated executive chef Dianna Daoheung and Emily co-owner and chef Matt Hyland worked together to create what they call "the perfect December indulgence for all," which, given that it's essentially the most gourmet pizza bagel you can get, sounds about right.

While NYC is no stranger to trailblazing new food combinations (cronut, anyone?), the two chefs behind the Stromboli Bagel have particularly powerful histories when it comes to hybridization. At Emily, Hyland and has been bringing together Detroit-style pizzas and hamburgers since at least last year, while Daoheung has led a monthly series of bagel collaborations, most recently November's Baogel (which you can still try if you hurry!).

Like every Black Seed collaboration, the Stromboli Bagel will be available at all three of Black Seed's locations in the East Village, Nolita, and Brookfield Place. Launching this Friday, it will cost $7.25, and remain available until the end of the year, after which your chance to pick the Strombagel you've always dreamed about will be gone from the world forever. Though given the potential lasting demand for a combination of NYC bagels and a food that can't not be described as "rolled up pizza," you never know.

The Stromboli Bagel will be available for $7.25 starting Friday, December 1st at all three Black Seed locations (Nolita, East Village and Brookfield Place).