It also comes in fruit punch, grape, orange and honey.

By Joey Skladany
Updated May 24, 2017
© Cow Candy

There's nothing wrong with a good culinary revival (Crystal Pepsi, French Toast Crunch and Crispy M&M's, to name a few); however, we're not sure what to think about Cow Candy's unusual attempt to win over the hearts of '90s kids.

Inspired by classic cartoons, the wacky dairy company has debuted a line of My Little Pony and Transformers string cheese. It sounds amazing, delicious and fun in theory, but that is until your hear the flavors of Pinkie Pie Strawberry and Optimus Prime Punch. And then it doesn't sound so amazing, delicious and fun anymore. (Okay, maybe just a little fun.)

There's no denying that cheese pairs well with fruit — that sweet and salty flavor profile is highlighted on cheese boards everywhere (OK, maybe not fruit punch) — and strawberry milk can taste delicious, but the thought of peeling what is essentially candy-flavored cheese seems a bit off-putting for adults, at least. Is Monterrey Jack not sacred anymore?

Cow Candy has marketed the product as a "moogically nutritious snack, high in protein, lightly sweetened and packed with fun," which means it's certainly a better alternative to a bag of sour cream and cheddar potato chips and a pack of Skittles. And we have to give credit where credit is due, so cheers to the adventurous kids of today who are willing to give these healthier snacks a shot.

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With all this said, pretty much all cheese is good cheese, right? Just don't expect us to be jonesing for grape gruyere anytime soon.