A Twitter User Posted About Strawberries On Pizza and the Internet Lost It

This is the pineapple debacle all over again.

strawberries on pizza
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The battle over whether pineapple belongs on pizza has quickly morphed into a war against fruit.

In the early 1960s, the now-deceased Greek-Canadian restaurant owner Sam Panopoulos claimed that he was the first to put pineapple on pizza as part his sweet and savory inspired Hawaiian style pie. Since then, the question about whether pineapple even belongs on pizza has raged, pitting families, friends, Gordon Ramsey, and internet strangers against one another. Over the weekend, that debate took an unexpected turn when one Twitter user posted about another sweet and juicy pizza topping: strawberries.

The red berries have been used in everything from baked goods to alcoholic beverages, a welcome sugary addition for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. There have even been a bevy of "strawberry pizza pie" recipes and restaurant menu items featuring strawberries on a bed of cool whip or sugar cookie crust, and strawberries nestled on top of delicious cheesecake. But none of that is close to strawberries on actual cheese pizza. The photo of the pizza-pie phenomenon was shared over Twitter by user @moonemojii, evidence that it is, in fact, an actual thing someone would do to their pizza.

Despite Twitter's rather visceral reaction, this is not actually something that new. Cookie + Kate, a vegetarian and whole foods blog, posted a recipe for Strawberry, Basil, and Balsamic Pizza back in 2013 while another food blog posted about a strawberry, caramelized onion, bacon, and ricotta cheese pizza this past summer. However, these pizzas have ingredients that are slightly different than the regular dough and tomato sauce concoction posted to Twitter.

Some Twitter users came to the defense of the pizza, making note that fruit and cheese isn't such a weird combination. Others posted photos of different fruit on pizza.

Still, many on Twitter rallied together in outright objection of the pie, sharing their dejected and horrified meme responses to the post. The replies have gotten so dramatic, that the original poster has requested that people stop reporting them to the FBI.

It seems some people know exactly where they stand in the fight over fruit on pizza: 100% against it.

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