Netflix released a compilation of the series' unsung recurring character: Eggo.
Credit: Netflix

Despite its spooky overtones, scary monsters, and unpredictable twists and turns, Netflix's science-fiction thriller series Stranger Things is all about comfort. There's nostalgic comfort provided by the show's familiar 1980s-era setting, comfort in knowing that somehow the main characters will make it out alive, and, in the case of Eleven's penchant for Eggo waffles, comfort food.

Eggo made its first appearance back in season one when Mike and his friends first found Eleven and gave her a waffle breakfast in his basement. Since then, Eleven has stolen Eggo waffles to survive alone in the woods, accepted Eggo waffles from police chief Hopper who ended up taking her in and treating her to epic waffle, whipped cream, and candy creations, and finally she even chose the waffle section of a supermarket freezer aisle to chill out while she accessed the Upside Down in the most recent season.

In addition to all those waffle-fueled moments surrounding Eleven, there have been a few more appearances of the frozen breakfast food throughout the series as Mike, Jonathan, and Erica have all munched on waffles, too. If you haven't been keeping an eye out to notice all of them, never fear: Netflix has put together a video helping you identify every crosshatched moment, quick-cut together and remixed to create a visual collage complete with crunching, crashing of glass (thanks to Eleven's telekinesis), and Hopper's overwrought "mmm-ing," lasting over six minutes. Take a look below:

Season three saw its own unique food tie-ins as well. Steve and Robin work at Scoops Ahoy, a fictional ice cream parlor in the mall which became real (momentarily) at a Baskin-Robbins in Burbank but also saw a bespoke ice cream flavor and sundaes roll out to locations nationwide. And, given its setting in the summer of 1985, the kids and adults alike were seen sipping on the ill-fated New Coke which made a brief comeback. We, like Lucas, thought it tasted pretty darn good.

While the finale of season three left some big questions up in the air, with some characters moving away, some (seemingly) gone forever, and an unknown American locked up in Siberian science facility, one question looms over all others: Will there be waffles?