The 16-bit-style game was released to promote the second season of the Netflix series premiering October 27.
stranger things scene with eleven and waffles
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

While it may feel like we’ve all been living in the “upside down” ever since the credits rolled on the final episode of the Stranger Things season one finale, we’re only a couple short weeks away from the series October 27 return on Netflix. And while there have been no shortage of ‘80s-themed tie-ins to promote the upcoming episodes by way of a series of vintage posters. Now, the thrilling throwback show is getting its own video game.

The game has you playing as various Stranger Things characters throughout, exploring places like the lab and the woods from the first season, jumping your bike over ramps, navigating between the real world and the upside down, and, yes, collecting Eggo Waffles along the way for bonuses. Of course, the game also features an appropriately low-fi recreation of the show’s spooky theme song. Like most video games based off of existing movies and TV shows, it takes some liberties with the plot but is roughly based on the events of the first season.

A video game tie-in is fitting, since one of the trailers for season two featured the Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas in an arcade playing the game “Dragon’s Lair” to the opening strains of Michael Jackson's "Thriller." The “Stranger Things: The Game” app is, according to some sites like the Verge, reminiscent of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for NES and the “Legend of Zelda” sequel for SNES, with a top-down style of gameplay and actions available to the characters.

If you’re hungry for even more Stranger Things-themed goodies to satisfy your '80s appetite, you’re in luck: Netflix released a few recipes inspired by the series. There's also a pop-up bar in Chicago and a Stranger Things burger, too. We even put together a guide for redecorating your home to look more like the show.