The frozen waffle maker and Netflix are capitalizing on their connection with a series of waffle tie-ins including recipes and a food truck leading up to season two.
eleven and eggos from season 1
Credit: Courtesy of Curtis Baker / Netflix

Kellogg's is toasting up some serious Eggo-related tie-ins leading up to season two of the Netflix hit Stranger Things.

When Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer gave Eleven her Eggo obsession, the Kellogg's brand "absolutely did not know," about the placement of their product in the series, the company's marketing director Trinh Le told AdAge. It's probably fair to say they had no idea it would become such a cultural sensation either. From a mobile game to a burger, Eggos are as much a defining feature of the Emmy-nominated series as the alphabetized wall covered in Christmas lights and the very confirmed death of Barb.

Despite Netflix not offering any paid product placements, Kellogg's Company and the digital streamer are fully capitalizing on the food phenomena leading into season two, which is scheduled to drop into our queues Friday, October 27. Following a Super Bowl commercial team-up, which saw the famous 1980s "L'Eggo my Eggo" ads interspersed with a teaser for the show's newest batch of episodes, the companies are rolling out a series of Eggo-inspired tie-ins that are sure to please fans.

That includes nine Eggo recipes based on the titles (but not the plot points) for each of season two's episodes (much like the two released after season one), a spoiler blocker for Google Chrome that can help you dodge any unwanted plot details and DIY costume projects that you can download made with Eggo boxes.

There are also more elaborate tie-ins, including an Eggo waffle truck to be stationed at the Stranger Things premiere, as well as a toaster featuring the show's title and the phrase "Mornings are for Eggo and contemplation" above it. (Fans of the show might recognize the line as an Eggo-spin on Chief of Police Jim Hopper's season one line, "Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.")

"We've been getting ready for season two there has been much more collaboration," Le told AdAge. "We have worked with them as we found out about their plans for the premiere and we've shared all of the ideas that we have for getting fans excited, to make sure they're on board with all of that."

The tie-ins, which Eggo worked on with contemporary marketing agency VML and Chicago-based ad agency Leo Burnett, are starting to roll out now.