A Michigan brewery is giving the Hawkins, Indiana character a signature brew.
chief hopper label
Credit: Courtesy of Short's Brewing

Move over Eleven. Stranger Things’ Chief Hopper is finally getting some of that food spotlight.

Eggos have had a cultural resurgence since Stranger Things fan-favorite character Eleven marched into a local grocery store and marched right out with an armful of frozen waffle boxes. In fact, food has become nearly as much a part of the Netflix series’ branding as its classic 1980s music and Spielbergian visual aesthetic.

With only one season under its belt, the show inspired everything from pop-up bars to toaster tie-ins. Now season two has officially arrived, and one Michigan brewery is getting in on the food (and drink) inspired fun. Short’s Brewing Company, based in the northern Michigan city of Bellaire, has launched a brand new specialty beer based on Hawkins, Indiana’s Chief of Police, Jim Hopper.

chief hopper
Credit: Courtesy of Short's Brewing

This Double IPA beer features Vic Secret, Simcoe, and Centennial hops, ingredients inspired by the aesthetics of the Netflix series and character. The brewery describes the citrusy beer as “deep gold in color” with a “dense white head.” Drinkers of the “smooth... and balanced in flavor” specialty beer will be privy to a hint of malt and the aromas of pine, grapefruit, pineapple, and mango.

This brew was spotted on the online image sharing community Imgur, where a user posted a picture of the beer in all its punny glory.

While this marks one of the first food or drink creations based on the grumbly but steadfast chief of police, it’s not exactly the first time Stranger Things has inspired beer. Earlier this year, Goose Island teamed up with the band behind the show’s theme song, Survive, to create a grapefruit-forward red pale ale for Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival.

Unfortunately, if you don’t live in Michigan you’ll have to either make your way to the brewery to get your hands on Chief Hopper or you can plug in your zip code to find out if it’s at a store near you.