lucky chip london stranger things burger

You know what makes the Demogorgon a lot less scary? Eating it as a delicious burger. A London restaurant's Stranger Things menu might not actually serve you monster meat patties, but their themed burgers come pretty close. The restaurant chain, Lucky Chip has unveiled this limited time menu in several of its locations throughout October, in honor of Halloween.

So what's on this Stranger Things menu? The menu features seven different burgers, including a Demogorgon burger with, appropriately, Gorgonzola cheese, as well as candied bacon and pickled onions. There's also the Eggos Waffle Burger pictured above, a cheeseburger with peanut butter and jelly, sandwiched between two waffles. If that seems a little too out there for you, you can always just go for Benny's Burger, which is a pretty standard cheeseburger.

And for Netflix-loving vegetarians, there is the Ryder patty, a veggie burger with beet root, sweet potato tempura, and cheddar cheese.

You can check out the cinematic trailer for this Stranger Things-themed menu at Lucky Chip's website, and if you're in the area, attend their Stranger Things Halloween event on October 28th, featuring a retro '80s dance party, a themed cocktail menu, 50 free Demogorgon Sliders, and a £100 (about $120) bar tab awarded to the best costume.

This isn't the first time Lucky Chip has had a bit of fun with their menu. Previous quirky Lucky Chip menus have included a seemingly random tribute to the Bill Murray film Scrooged, as well as a Better Call Saul Saul Goodman burger. For more, you can follow Lucky Chip on Facebook.