The limited-edition, stuffing-themed items like cufflinks and a velvet dinner jacket will be available online next week.

By Mike Pomranz
November 13, 2020

Have no shame in your Stove Top game. Sure, America’s most obvious boxed stuffing choice won’t win your house any Michelin stars, but neither will that crazy green bean casserole you’ve loved for two decades nor whatever that orange dish is that’s covered in marshmallows. At its heart, Thanksgiving is a great chance to indulge in your most comforting classics.

However, that isn’t to say you can’t make the holiday a bit more upmarket, and ironically enough, this year, the country’s top-selling stuffing brand wants to help—not by making a more refined dressing, but by dressing you in something more refined. The brand is releasing its own line of fancy clothing: the Stove Top Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection.

Credit: Steven Metzer

With the pandemic casting a shadow over this year’s festivities, Stove Top thinks it’s time to treat ourselves. “Let’s face it: the sweatpants fatigue is real, and people are looking for any excuse to get dressed up,” brand manager Juliet Levine explained. “We hope our Stove Top Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection makes people look and feel their very best this Thanksgiving.”

Credit: Steven Metzer

Starting November 17 at noon ET, the site will feature five limited-edition Stove Top items ranging from a $4.79 Stove Top handkerchief/pocket square to a full on unisex, red velvet dinner jacket with a stuffing-themed lining for the still very reasonable price of $30.

The rest of the items include a reversible shawl ($11.50), a “stuffed headband” ($6.99), and “Stufflinks” which are – of course – a set of cufflinks that look like little Stove Top boxes.

Credit: Steven Metzer

So if you’re looking for some fun Thanksgiving gear, these items make for an easy solution. The hard part, however, may be getting your hands on them. Stove Top stresses, “Stuffing lovers should act fast to bring home the collection while supplies last.” With the way everything is priced—and as we’ve seen with similar branded promotions in the past—that doesn’t seem like an idle threat. If wearing Stove Top cufflinks has just become one of your top Thanksgiving priorities, you may want to be on the web at exactly 12 p.m. on the dot.