Dearly Departed Stout Drinkers Can Now Have a Headstone Shaped like a Pint of Guinness

Apparently unusual, personalized headstones are growing in popularity, even for beer lovers.

Memorials of Distinction's Stout Glass with Celtic Symbols
Photo: Courtesy of Memorials of Distinction

Anyone looking to alert the world to their Irish heritage even after their passing has plenty of options: Beyond inscriptions, your headstone could incorporate other symbols like a Celtic cross, an Irish harp, or even a shamrock. Still, if you're looking for something a bit more… let's say… flashier, Memorials of Distinction in England has released a product just in time for St. Patrick's Day that may be up your alley: a headstone that looks like a pint of Guinness.

Officially called the "Stout Glass with Celtic Symbols" headstone, this new three-foot-tall graveyard showstopper is constructed of polished black granite to emphasize the body of the classic dark beer and ocean beige marble for the foamy head. And that's not all: Also included are the aforementioned Celtic harp and two green shamrocks along with gold engraving for an 80-character inscription. "This quirky design is a perfect tribute to any stout lover," Memorials of Distinction boasts.

"There has been an increasing demand for unusual headstones over the past 20 years," Emma Verity, operations manager at Memorials of Distinction, stated. "In recent times, the general public has become more accustomed to the concept of being able to buy personalized goods. With something as personal as a loved one's memorial, the idea of ordering something that is really applicable to that person is of great help to family and friends during the grieving process. We regularly produce memorials in the shape of teddy bears, cars, motorcycles and, in this case, a pint of the black stuff!"

As should probably be expected, taking your love of stouts to the grave with you isn't cheap. According to the Memorials of Distinction website, this headstone starts at £2,377 — over $3,100. But hey, think of it this way, since you're going to be remembered for eternity, the price averages out to way less than the cost of a pint of Guinness per day!

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