Buffalo knows how to turn a blizzard into a party. 

Back in 1985, Buffalo's then-mayor Jimmy Griffin gave the notoriously snowy city some valuable advice for riding out a blizzard: "go home, buy a six pack of beer, and watch a good football game." The quip earned Griffin the nickname "Jimmy Six Pack," and, almost 35 years later, Western New Yorkers still heed his advice (although, their beer-buying habits have escalated quite a bit since then).

This Is How Cold and Snowy This Winter Will Be, According to the Farmers' Almanac
Credit: Dan Reynolds/Getty Images

Yes, according to The Buffalo News, the snowstorm six-pack has turned into a snowstorm 30-pack, with grocery chains like Tops Market and Wegmans seeing a spike in beer sales whenever a blizzard hits. "Domestic brands like Natural Ice, Busch and Bud Lite tend to sell out first during storms, when customers are looking for quantity over quality," the paper reports, based on input from Buffalo retailers. But locals also stock up on craft beers (albeit in smaller quantities)—Hayburner from Buffalo's Big Ditch Brewing Co. and Flying Bison Brewing Co.'s Thundersnow IPA are two current favorites.

According to FEMA, you should have at least a three-days’ supply of non-perishable food and water for you and your family, in case you're snowed in. This translates to things like canned foods (soups, tuna, beans, vegetables), protein bars, nuts, peanut butter, jerky, and trail mix. But, as a Tops spokesperson told The Buffalo News, "indulgent items," like ice cream, soda and chips are the big sellers. Sounds about right! Once you have all the FEMA-approved basics covered, here are a few more ideas for your winter storm survival kit:

A Bucket of Nutella

Credit: Costco

Yes, Costco recently unleashed a seven-pound Nutella pail upon the world. Look, you need this. It's a matter of survival.

Tapatio Ramen

The popular Mexican-by-way-of-California hot sauce has now branched out into instant ramen. Those spices should warm you up.

The Most Stuff Oreos

An "indulgent item' if we ever saw one.