Whether you rely on them in a pinch... or use them with abandon, these spice blends are great to keep in your pantry.
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Porterhouse Steak
Credit: © John Kernick

Practiced home cooks and grill masters might balk at the thought of using store-bought seasoning. You're probably much more accustomed to mixing up your own blend spices. But seasoning mixes have their time and place: if you're traveling and staying at a vacation rental this summer, or if you're just looking for a shortcut, a bottled or jarred seasoning makes it dead simple to put together a dry rub or marinade.

These dry rub blends can be used to boost the flavor of just about any dish you might be cooking up this summer: burgers, grilled steaks, pork tacos, fish or vegetables. Here are five of our favorite store-bought seasonings to use this Memorial Day and all summer long.

Roy Choi's A Pinch of LA Seasoning

Roy Choi A Pinch of LA Seasoning
Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Choi’s very first line of store-bought sauces and spices includes this Korean-inspired mixture. The blend of sesame seeds, gochugaru chilies, and black pepper can be used as a topping on rice or noodles, or as a dry rub for your meat of choice. Choi recently talked to Food & Wine about how to properly cook Korean food and the best uses for his Williams-Sonoma line.

Roy Choi A Pinch of LA Seasoning, $12 on williams-sonoma.com

Big Bob Gibson's Bar-B-Q Seasoning and Dry Rub

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Seasoning
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Food & Wine Culinary Director Justin Chapple recommends this dry rub for all your barbecuing needs.

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Seasoning and Dry Rub, $11 on amazon.com

Vikas Khanna Seasoning Blend

Vikas Khanna Seasoning Blend
Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Infuse your grilled meats with this renowned chef's garam masala, which incorporates cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg.

Vikas Khanna Seasoning Blend Garam Masala, $7 on williams-sonoma.com

All Things Meat Seasoning from What's Gaby Cooking

What's Gaby Cooking All Things Meat Seasoning
Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Popular food blogger Gaby Dalkin prefers garlic and brown sugar, for a touch of sweetness, in her dry rub. Dalkin recently stopped by the Food & Wine test kitchen, where she revealed how to cook with Calabrian chilies and her secrets to the perfect guacamole.

What's Gaby Cooking, All Things Meat Seasoning, $11 on williams-sonoma.com

Big Moe Cason Beef Rub

Big Moe Cason Beef Rub
Credit: Courtesy of Academy Sports + Outdoors

Big Moe Cason generously divulged everything home cooks need to know to throw the ultimate backyard barbecue. He just so happens to also make his own spices for chicken, beef, and pork.

Big Moe Cason 14 oz Beef Rub, $10 on academy.com