The Late Night host did what the grocery store could not: write a certain word in icing. 
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Credit: CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

Publix has been in the news for a very strange reason.

This week, a South Carolina woman named Cara Koscinski told the Washington Post that the grocery store chain censored her son's graduation cake, refusing to write the second word in the phrase "Summa Cum Laude." The cake, which she ordered online, should have read "Congrats Jacob! Summa Cum Laude class of 2018." But instead of writing "cum," which was deemed inappropriate, the cake decorator put three hyphens.

"My son was humiliated," Koscinski wrote in a Facebook post showing the pictures of the cake, which has since been deleted. According to CBS affiliate WCSC-TV, Publix apologized to her with a refund (the cake cost $70) and a $160 gift card when she complained.

Stephen Colbert, however, did not find this a sufficient conclusion to the saga. He took matters into his own hands on Tuesday night, baking several cupcakes that unapologetically featured the Latin word "cum," which means "with."

"Publix, I'm not asking literally, but where do you get off?" Colbert said. "By your own logic, in your name, you should have to take out the 'lix.' Hell, your name could be pronounced Pube-lix and you write that name in giant letters on your buildings."

Presenting the cupcakes, he said, "We want to help, Jacob. Your summa cum laude cake is incomplete so we made a cake with the missing words. So there you go."

As for whether Colbert's participation in the drama humiliated Jacob even more, that remains to be seen. But the cupcakes look delicious, and he's lucky to have them.

"Satisfying our customers is our top priority," Publix said in a statement responding to the ordeal. "You can feel confident that this situation has been addressed, and the appropriate business areas and leaders are involved."