By Matt McCue
Updated May 27, 2014
Credit: Courtesy of Girl & the Goat

Ham Frites; Girl & the Goat, Chicago

Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard isn’t afraid to use meat in unorthodox ways. For her umami-loaded fries, Izard doubles up on pork—first first tossing her crispy potatoes in smoked pork fat and then topping them with dried pork she calls ham salt.

Crispy Secret: “Originally, I wanted to find a way to fry the french fries in pork fat because, well, what doesn’t taste better once cooked in pork fat?” explains Izard. “But to make them nice and crunchy, we fry them in normal oil (after a water and oil blanch), then toss in smoked pork fat and ham salt.” The final product yields porky, fatty goodness on perfectly crisped fries.

Outrageous Factor: 7. The beer cheese appropriately balances out the lean pork. Well played, Izard.

Detox Level: