By Clara Olshansky
Updated November 06, 2015
© Sandra Mangas / La receta de la felicidad

If you thought a comforting mug of hot chocolate couldn't get any more delightful, think again. These cloud-shaped homemade marshmallows may be the cutest thing that has ever happened or will ever happen to your hot chocolate (OK, maybe second cutest). This simple four-ingredient recipe lets even the most inexperienced marshmallow makers easily bring a bit of fluffy joy to their lives; all you need is some gelatin and an electric mixer. And there's a marshmallow for everyone: you can make these clouds vanilla-, lemon-, or, if you think there's no such thing as too much cocoa, chocolate-flavored.

With a cookie cutter, food markers, and a little bit of craftiness, you can impress your friends with the most adorable cup of cocoa they've ever seen. After dusting your marshmallow in sugar and cornstarch, just punch out the cloud shape, draw a little blushing face, and plop it in your mug.

The maker of these marshmallows, Sandra Mangas of La Receta de la Felicidad, is a master of combining the adorable and the sugary. Her creations are as beautiful as delicious. Cocina's massive collection of charming dessert recipes include such delights as chocolate poached eggs, piñata cupcakes, and pencils made of ice cream.

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