Chic StemsFrench decorative-arts student Stéphanie Balini's "Damoiselles" wine glasses won a national design-industry contest for their deft use of engraving and other glassmaking techniques. Her prize: a limited-edition run by Baccarat ($2,500 for a set of four;

Cocktail Clinic: Glassware Arsenal

Here are a few simple pieces that no home bar should be without. We’ve included essential cocktail recipes that go with each.

Guide to Cocktail Glasses

A Cocktail Purist’s Guide to Glasses

With the right choices, you’ll never drink a martini in a tumbler again.

Coupe Comeback

Coupe Comeback

The 1930s-inspired Champagne saucer has had a revival. Here are 5 beautiful options.

Splendid Stems

These crystal wineglasses designed by fashion guru Marc Jacobs are both utilitarian and pretty.

Stem Style

Wineglasses with stems have survived the invasion of the stemless Riedel “O.” Here are some great new ones.

New Stemware: Little Black Glass

No, these aren’t fashion accessories for little black dresses. Wine geeks use black glasses for blind tastings.