How to Put Your Robot Vacuum to Work as a Personal Bartender

The future is now. 

Sure, robot vacuums can clear the crumbs off your kitchen floor, de-lint your carpets, and keep dust bunnies in check. They can even provide a little entertainment (and a solid Instagram story) if you cat decides to hitch a ride on one ("cats and robot vacuums" is an excellent YouTube search, if you have the time). But are robot vacuums really living up to their true potential? Stella Artois would argue that no, they are not, which is why they've invented an attachment that can turn yours into a personal bartender. (Or, more accurately, a cater waiter—it can't make drinks but it can serve them.)

The B.A.R.T. (or, Bartending Automated Robotic Technology) features a clear plastic tray perched on a matching pedestal, which you affix to the top of your robot vacuum. It securely holds up to four beer bottles and four glasses (plus, there's a spot in the middle for party snacks). “Everyone can relate to hosting a holiday party and spending more time running around or cleaning up than actually enjoying spending time with their friends and family," Stella Artois VP Lara Krug said in a statement. "So this year, Stella Artois decided to make our consumers’ lives a little easier."

Stella Artois

A drink-proffering robot that cleans up after itself is pretty genius. You can pick up a B.A.R.T. of your own for $20 at, or, if you're feeling ambitious (and have access to a 3D printer), the blueprints to make one from scratch are available here.

Want to hand over all of your hosting responsibilities to party-bots? Facebook recently launched a mixology chatbot in partnership with Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Allrecipes. Called Barkeep, the A.I. bartender dispenses cocktail recommendations based on the season, your own customized preferences, and what's trending. It's especially useful if you don't know exactly what you want, but you're looking to make, for example, something that pairs well with red meat, or that uses both vodka and chartreuse. Plus, if you don’t have the right ingredients on-hand, Barkeep gives you the option of ordering them through Drizly (which offers one-hour delivery). The robots haven't turned on us yet, so you may as well have them fetch you some drinks, you know?

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