'How to Cake It' is back with a carnivore-pleasing pastry demo.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated June 15, 2017
steak cake for fathers day
Credit: Lisovskaya / Martin Barraud / Getty Images

Okay, so maybe dads liking steaks is a bit of a cliché. Or, rather, we'd like to pose the question "Who doesn't appreciate a good steak?" (Other than vegetarians, of course.) But if your dad, or anyone in your life, has a sweet tooth as big as their, uh... meat tooth(?), Yolanda Gampp of "How to Cake It" is here to shows you how to make this amazing red velvet T-bone steak cake.

This steak cake may not be for the beginner baker. Baking eight whole pounds of moist red velvet cake is only the first step. You're also going to need to make meringue buttercream frosting and to be able to carefully apply fondants and glazes. In fact, if you want your cake to look just like Gampp's, well she branded hers with flame-heated metal alphabet cookie cutters, which is about as badass as you can get with alphabet cookie cutters.

The video shows you how to piece together the cake and get that grilled steak look. To read along with the instructions, you can go to the "How to Cake It" site. The instructions include a list of the tools you'll need and links to related products. At the site, you can also find Gampp's recipes for red velvet cake and Italian meringue buttercream frosting.

This isn't How to Cake It's first dad-friendly cake. If baking a steak cake doesn't sound like your thing, you might remember this loaded nacho cake originally made for the Super Bowl, or this badass Shark Week cake. In fact, "How to Cake It" has a whole Father's Day playlist, so you can take your pick.

Of course if cake isn't your pop's thing, you could always try bourbon gummy bears. Or even just bourbon.