The currently-trendy spice has a long history of being used for medicinal properties.
Starbucks Turmeric Latte
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

Starting today, Starbucks in the United Kingdom will begin selling a Latte with Turmeric. The warm drink is made by steaming milk dusted with turmeric powder, and then pouring the milk over espresso, with the spice tinting the drink to a soft orange color.

Turmeric is currently considered a super food and the clean eating trend of the food world has made the spice a sought-after addition to health-minded diners. However, it should be noted that the spice is far from being newly discovered; turmeric has been used as an ingredient in food and in religious ceremonies in Southeast Asia for at least 4,000 years. Milk mixed with turmeric is nicknamed Golden Milk, though we're not sure this latte quite falls under that category.

So what are the much-raved about benefits of turmeric? First off, its active compound, curcumin, contains both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Although one study earlier this year found that it might not be as effective as often believed, in part because it’s difficult for the body to absorb, some dieticians aren’t ruling out its health benefits completely, and still recommend the spice to their patients.

If you decide to jump on the bandwagon, you should know that the spice isn’t just for drinking; it actually fits into a wide range of recipes. You can add it to miso soup, dust it on your clams or your cauliflower, you can ever whiten your teeth with it. You might not get all those nifty health benefits just by trying out the new Starbucks latte, maybe not even if you drink one every day (which, by the way, might not be so bad for you either), but if you happen to live or be visiting the U.K., it wouldn’t hurt to try it.

As of now, the latte is just being sold at Starbucks locations in the greater London area, and according to a spokesperson for the coffee chain, there aren’t yet any plans to start selling them in the United States at the moment. For now, we guess we'll just have to dust our lattes with turmeric ourselves.