The promotion is being called a "Week of Cheers."
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If you’re looking for an excuse to treat yourself to an Uber this week instead of walking around in the cold, the ride-hailing service is sweetening the deal by treating U.S. customers to a buy one, get one free deal at Starbucks.

Uber and Starbucks have teamed up to make this week their "Week of Cheers," as the promotion is dubbed. From now until Sunday, December 9, if you take an Uber trip, you’ll be emailed a coupon from Starbucks for buy one drink, get one free — with any size handcrafted hot or cold beverage being eligible for the offer. You can even mix-and-match two types of drinks, and the less expensive one will be free.

Riders are only eligible for one coupon per day, and three for the entire week. Additionally, the coupons are only valid for use at participating Starbucks locations on weekdays after 2 p.m. or all day on the weekend until December 12 — so this isn’t a way to get an extra morning coffee. Still, if you were going to hit up both Uber and Starbucks anyway — two things plenty of people do in a week — you might as well get a free beverage out of it.

As a way to spread even more cheer, Uber drivers are also in on the promotion. They’ll earn a BOGO Starbucks drink coupon on the days they drive during the week, and rider tips will also help drivers earn Starbucks gift cards. If a driver gets five to nine tips during the week, they’ll receive a $5 Starbucks gift card; if they get ten to 19 tips, they’ll be bumped up to a $10 gift card; and if they get 20 or more tips, they’ll get a $20 gift card.

Uber suggests that the whole promotion is a way to "spread the holiday cheer and surprise a loved one with a favorite Starbucks beverage." Or, you know, you can just chug two Starbucks drinks yourself because you deserve a little extra cheer too.