It's definitely not what you're expecting. 
Credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images

Its been three blessed/cursed days since Starbucks stopped selling their Unicorn Frappuccino, and the world has not yet recovered: People now have Unicorn Frappuccino hair, and the drink’s popularity has spawned the Dragon Frappuccino and Unicorn Lemonade. Clearly, Frappuccino hysteria is far from over, as evidenced by Reddit user zeph_yr who, seeing an opportunity for possible shenanigans, posted a disturbing photo on the Starbucks subreddit last night.

It’s an image of what the barista is claiming will soon be the coffee chain’s latest unholy concoction, the Sriracha Frappuccino, along with the caption "Got to make one of the new summer drinks today!"

Zeph_yr is almost certainly trying to make us the victims of the an elaborate prank, but honestly, we had our doubts: Comments on the post read “We got our recipe cards today,” and “it's just like any standard crème flavored Frappuccino, this time w/ Sriracha!” But after unicorn-crazed customers tortured baristas with their avalanche of orders this past week, it would not be shocking to find out that this was just a coordinated effort on their part to make fools of us all.

There’s one more intriguing piece of this puzzle at work: The light red or orange colored drink looks like any other Frappuccino at Starbucks, but a small packet of La Boulange Sriracha sauce appears in the photo. For those unfamiliar, Starbucks acquired the Bay Area based chain of bakeries back in 2012. Three years later, Starbucks shut down every single location, but continues to serve La Boulange food.

Besides the color, which could be the result of diluting the Sriracha sauce, there’s no telling what else could be in this drink. But Sriracha has been used in milkshakes before, so it’s not inconceivable that this could be tasty. And for those of who you insist that the hot sauce will taste terrible with coffee, there isn’t actually any coffee or caffeine in the standard Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino.

If there’s any chance this is real, we won’t find at until the summer: Commenters who claim to be in the know say that it’s being released in July. In the meantime, it’s probably best to start mentally preparing yourself to be obsessed just in case.