Despite rumors and confusion, the popular drink is hitting all store menus today.
starbcuks psl official
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

After conflicting rumors regarding its release date, we've confirmed that the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) is officially back today, affirming that summer is in fact over and fall is here (just in case surpassing Labor Day wasn't enough to convince you). The coffee conglomerate announced the date in an oddball Facebook Live video at 11 a.m. EST last Friday, which caused some confusion among customers and baristas alike. The hours-long stream provided viewers with hints about the return of the PSL and teased they'd see the drink physically return, perhaps akin to the Great Pumpkin of Peanuts holiday special fame. The video is no longer available online, but it involved a nest, a pumpkin, and some guy bouncing a ball for a while. Just trust us, it was bizarre.

However, strangeness didn't stop PSL enthusiasts from ordering the beverage since the video's September 1st air date, meaning that some lucked out and others to feel disappointment when they were told they'd have to wait. A few of the defeated took to social media, begging Starbucks to "give the people what they want," while others bragged their local store had given them their fix earlier than allowed.

A Starbucks employee told Business Insider in an email last week that, "basically if you're not living under a rock and know about PSL, you'll probably be able to get it because policies mean nothing for Starbucks anymore. To add to the confusion, for some reason, we were told to post a sign saying the PSL is back with no date, with a different sign coming on the launch date."

But it's not a surprise there was such commotion, as the drink is Starbucks' top-selling seasonal beverage to date. Peter Dukes, the product manager responsible for now iconic autumn drink said in a Starbucks press release that "it's taken on a life of its own." Since its debut in 2003, customers have purchased over 350 million (and counting), and the frothy treat is served in almost 50 countries.

The company launched the PSL in bottled and ground coffee forms this past August for those of us who couldn't wait, and the flavor is being featured in Teavana Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte on menus this fall.

Release date kerfuffle notwithstanding, we're just happy it's all sorted so we can officially cozy up to fall.