It’s not sriracha flavored, despite the rumors you may have heard.
new horchata frappuccino
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

As summer comes to an end, today Starbucks has released their newest drink, the Horchata Almondmilk Frappuccino. Taking their inspiration from a traditional drink enjoyed in Spain and Latin America often made with tigernut, vanilla, cinnamon, and sometimes rice and milk, this Frappuccino adds almond milk mixed with cinnamon dolce syrup and whipped cream topping to give it a signature Starbucks twist. The addition of the warm spices in the drink may hint at the approach of autumn, transitioning us into pumpkin spice season.

This summer, Starbucks has released a slew of new Frappuccino drinks, all starting with the immense popularity of the unicorn version back in April (which spawned further fluorescent-colored, mythical creature-inspired iterations called the pink Pegasus and the dragon and yes, even the narwhal). A more subdued flavor, Midnight Mint Mocha, returned to the chain’s roots, with ingredients that actually included chocolate and coffee. Starbucks also came out with two fruit flavors—mango pineapple and berry prickly pear—that swirl together neon colors in the cup if you’re the type that likes your drink to look as good as it tastes.

Sure, not everyone is a fan of the onslaught of the Frappuccinos in the coffee market (Anthony Bourdain called the unicorn version the “perfect nexus of awfulness”), but there’s no denying that almost every new Frappuccino has grabbed our attention. Consider the delicious-looking flavors that have been released in Asia: One comes with a slice of cake on top, another recreates American cherry pie, and the most recent takes inspiration from the French cream puffs.

Maybe the new horchata drink is evidence that Starbucks in North America is getting more adventurous with their flavor selection. And with the closure of all their Tevana stores, Starbucks might need to get creative if they want to pick up the slack. As we get closer to fall, we’ll certainly be looking forward to seeing what the chain announces next—if we don’t see it pop up on our Instagram feeds first.