The Choux Cream Latte is now available in Korea.
Credit: Howard Shooter / Getty Images 

Lately, we have been feeling some serious envy over the drinks that Starbucks’ outposts in around the globe have been blessed with: There is a Frappuccino topped with a slice of a chocolate cake, and another complete with cherry pie filling and pie crust, in Japan. Sure, we got the Unicorn Frappuccino craze – followed quickly by dragon and pink Pegasus Frappuccino craze – but almost nothing beats an actual piece of cake in your coffee. Except maybe a coffee drink inspired by an iconic French pastry.

Back in February, Starbucks Korea announced they would be introducing a Choux Cream Latte, and it has finally hit stores.  The drink was, of course, inspired by the piped French pastry dough used to make cream filled confections like éclairs and cream puffs.

The Choux Cream Latte combines espresso, steamed milk, and sweet custard flavoring, but the best part of this drink might be the custard-flavored whipped cream the latte is topped with. Sadly, it’s only available in South Korea – for the time being that is.

To be fair, Starbucks in America is not without it's sweet summer treats: The chain recently introduced two new Frappuccino flavors, Berry Prickly Pear and Mango Pineapple, a mix of fruity puree and the blended Crème flavor. Another exciting addition to the Starbucks menu over here? Back in April, the infamous Pink Drink, once a staple of the chain’s “secret menu,” made with coconut milk and strawberries, became a permanent menu item. You can definitely try both of those stateside.

Or maybe this is the perfect excuse you need to take a Starbucks tour of Asia. While you're at it, you might stop by the new teahouse-inspired Starbucks outpost that's opening in Kyoto, where you can experience how a Western chain attempts to pay homage to Japanese culture. And of course, try out some of those delicious Frappuccino flavors you can only find there while you're at it.