Plus, a very sharp knife made of Jell-O. (Yes, Jell-O.)

Credit: Yaorusheng/Getty Images

In the midst of covering all of the very serious food stories we have to cover, sometimes our it's nice when our newsfeeds are peppered with some lighter fare. Whether it's sketches that speak to the single millennial experience, or just plain random how-to's like turning jiggly desserts into cutlery, or the delicious moments on late night talk shows (check out Stephen Colbert's take on the Publix "Summa cum Laude" cake fiasco and Seth Meyers making Portland's "official drink" of Spanish Coffee with master bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler), the Internet is always a reliable treasure trove of food-themed clips.

Here are five of the funniest and oddest food (and food adjacent) videos we saw trending this week:

Practice your trombone at Starbucks

In the wake of Starbucks' new policy treating all visitors like customers, regardless of purchasing anything, Jimmy Kimmel Live! produced this hilarious commercial parody that has the coffee chain admitting anything goes.

Royal Wedding 'Bad Lip Reading'

We covered pretty much everything you'd ever want to know about the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle leading up to the big day. After all of that fervor, this hilarious re-dubbed montage of ceremony highlights is just the laugh we needed.

A knife made of Jell-O

We've seen knives made out of pasta and aluminum foil, but now this YouTuber uses the most unlikely of substances to create a blade: Jell-O.

5 Tips for Cooking Alone

College Humor created the ultimate young and single person's guide to cooking for yourself (hint: it involves takeout, cereal, and booze). Are you treating your homegrown herbs like they're your kids?

Pouring molten salt into a watermelon

Why? Who knows. Some things just have to be done. Hey, when you're watching The King of Random's YouTube channel, you're going to hot, molten salt in melons.