Would an 'It' Frappuccino get you to come down here?

Is there an It Frappuccino? There might be, but not unlike the Stephen King book and recent film adaptation's creepy clown antagonist Pennywise, people are having some difficulty figuring out if it's real. While Starbucks has officially launched a Zombie Frappuccino to celebrate the spooky season, according to a post on Reddit's r/Starbucks subreddit by an aggrieved employee, at least one Starbucks in California is offering a custom clown-inspired treat, causing at least one customer to ask for something said employee simply cannot bring their self to serve.

The post, titled "To the store in California that is serving the"IT" Frappuccino..." by a very on-message user named "frappucci-NO" begins "Please stop." The user recaps: "I had a young woman come through my drive thru and ask me for an IT Frappuccino like she saw at another store in California. I asked her if she had a recipe and she said it's a 'vanilla bean with strawberry purée, and a vanilla bean scone blended in.'"

Clearly, frappucci-NO does not like this, ending the message with another plea: "STAHP." They elaborate why in a follow up: blending pastries into beverages is against company policy, (though the user did tell the customer, in all caps, "I'LL BE HAPPY TO MAKE IT FOR YOU WITHOUT THE SCONE"). Upon one user's suggestion that the customer may have been making up the California Starbucks she claimed was selling It Frappuccinos, frappuci-NO responded that she actually had a picture, which another user tracked down on Twitter.

While the (very difficult to Google) It Frappuccino doesn't seem to have much connection to the story of the small town-killer clown, its aesthetic connection is spot on. The streaks of strawberry purée accent the white vanilla bean base with red, just like Pennywise's unmistakable makeup. While the reasoning behind the blended scone remains unclear, it's likely a mystery whose dark secret will take decades to truly solve.