Ring in the season with international latte flavors, from Speculoos to crème brulee to baked cheese.

While there are dozens of traditions that help usher in the holiday season, few reach the level of attention (and grief) given to Starbucks’ line of festive drinks and colorful cups. This year’s slate of designs brought us four brand-new looks to sip our lattes from, but — so far — no new flavors to add to the coffee chain’s seasonal menu. So while we ponder what possible Christmassy concoctions Starbucks might throw at us in the coming weeks, perhaps we can turn to our neighbors around the globe for a little inspiration or even a preview of what could be coming our way. Here are 13 Starbucks drinks our friends around the world are enjoying this season.

Christmas Strawberry Cake Milk (Japan)

Christmas Strawberry Cake
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

This pink drink (pictured above) is a take on one of Japan’s Christmas dessert traditions and combines steamed milk, strawberry compote, and white mocha syrup, along with whipped cream, strawberry syrup, and crushed biscuit to top it all off.

Juniper Latte (Canada)

starbucks wintry juniper latte
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

This beverage might be the closest thing we get to putting an actual Christmas tree in a cup. While it has been served in the U.S. at Reserve stores before, the Juniper Latte went national in Canada earlier this year.

Snowy Cheese Flavored Latte (China)

Snowy Cheese Flavored Latte
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

Yes, cheese. Okay, think maybe something more like a funky cheesecake. This espresso drink includes a baked cheese flavored sauce, blueberry flavored sprinkles, whipped cream, and crispy little stars.

Toffee Nut Crunch Latte (China, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe)

Toffee Nut Crunch Latte
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

Espresso plus toffee? How could you go wrong?

Christmas Dessert Latte (China)

Christmas Dessert Latte
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

Despite being on the menu in China, this beverage shoots for the flavors of British Christmas pudding, with steamed milk, espresso, a “Christmas pudding flavored sauce,” whipped cream, caramel sauce, and a sprinkling of bits of dried fruit.

Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha (Latin America)

Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

This one screams the holidays, with espresso, steamed milk, white chocolate, whipped cream, cranberry drizzle, and cranberry sugar topping.

Duo Cocoa Mocha (Asia Pacific)

Duo Cocoa Mocha
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

Like two mochas in one, this drink combines two kinds of chocolate (dark and white) and is topped with both mocha drizzle and cocoa nibs over whipped cream.

Speculoos Latte (Asia Pacific)

Speculoos Latte
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

A.K.A. the Caramel Cinnamon Cookie Latte, this one has spiced cookie flavor mixed into an espresso base along with caramel drizzle and topping of Speculoos crumbs.

Dark Cherry Mocha (Latin America, Caribbean)

Dark Cherry Mocha
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

Bittersweet mocha sauce meets dark cherry syrup in this fruity take on a mocha.

Hazelnut Mocha (Argentina, Uruguay)

Hazelnut Mocha
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

We’re not saying the words “Nutella mocha,” but we are saying it’s espresso and bittersweet chocolate infused with hazelnut flavor.

Christmas Brulee Latte (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

Caramel Brulee Latte
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

No torches needed for this crème brulee, which incorporates eggnog milk and espresso, along with a dash of Christmas Burlee sprinkles on top.

Flat White with Cinnamon Spice

Flat White with Cinnamon Spice
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

The flat white has finally caught on here in the States. Now it’s time for us to catch up on the flavored options, like this take with notes of cardamom, vanilla, and cinnamon. Cinnamon spice sugar also gets steamed into the milk to amp up the holiday flavor.

Salted Caramel Brownie Hot Chocolate (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

Salted Caramel Brownie
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

And we thought America had decadent drinks! This hot cocoa is fully-loaded with steamed milk, mocha sauce, salted caramel sauce, salted brownie whipped cream, brownie crumbles, and salted caramel brittle.