And yes, the holiday-themed lattes are here already.

In case you missed it, Halloween was yesterday, November is today, and the holiday season is officially upon us. Put down your trick-or-treat bag, toss your jack-o-lanterns aside, completely forget about your Witch's Brew Frappuccinos and get ready for all things cozy. One of the hallmarks that lets us know it's time for all of our favorite year-end festivities is Starbucks ditching its usual white paper cups for festive drinking vessels donning the colors of winter decor.

Starbucks 2018 Holiday Cups
Credit: Abby Hocking

Starting Friday, November 2, you'll see four retro-inspired paper cups in your local Starbucks, as well as a first for this holiday season: A reusable red cup. The designs include Flora (holly leaves on white), Espresso Houndstooth (a red and white flame-like pattern), Stargyle (a green star pattern that kind of looks like chain-link fencing, but in a Christmas-y way), and Stripes (a bold multi-colored block pattern).

The reusable cup harkens back to 2015's controversial all-red cup, which apparently was too much red for some people. The free plastic cups will be given to anyone ordering a holiday beverage on November 2, while supplies last. From there, if you bring back your reusable cup after 2 p.m. between November 3 and January 7, you'll receive $.50 off your drink order.

While the cups haven't always been red (see 1997 and 1998's jewel tones), last season's cup broke that usual trend with a white design. Last year, Starbucks' holiday cups also celebrated their 20th anniversary, and we rounded up two decades worth of colorful photos to take you down memory lane.

As for holiday-themed beverages, so far Starbucks is sticking to rolling out the classics this year (though that doesn't mean some new creations aren't on the horizon). Starting tomorrow, six "fan-favorite" flavors are going to be available through the end of the season. They include the Peppermint Mocha (returning for its 16th year on the menu), Toasted White Chocolate Mocha, Caramel Brulee Latte, Chestnut Praline Latte, Gingerbread Latte, and Egg Nog Latte—basically a buffet of drinkable