It’s only available for a limited time (unless you know how to order it).
dark mocha frapp
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks / Target

If you’re a dark chocolate lover, head directly to your nearest Starbucks. Or actually, Starbucks-inside-a-Target, that is. The coffee chain has launched a new frappuccino flavor that’s perfect for transitioning from the warm weather of summer into the rich flavor profile that comes along with fall treats. If you’re sitting square between being done with chain's fruity and creamy Iced Cascara Coconut Milk Lattes and not quite ready for warm, autumnal Pumpkin Spice Lattes (which are already back, by the way), this could be the beverage bridge you’re looking for.

The Mocha Dark Frappuccino is a richer version of the standard mocha frappuccino. It features the typical ingredients of coffee, milk, and ice, but gets its moniker from the addition of extra dark cocoa powder. It’s, of course, topped with whipped cream and sports a much deeper, chocolatey brown look than it’s less decadent cousin.

In actuality, the MDF seems to have hit Target stores under the radar this past August, so news of the release grew rather organically from users of social media sites touting their own acquisitions of the drink. It's one of the first (if not the first, as far as we can tell) Target-exclusive releases Starbucks has done with the retailer. It's a welcome addition, too, as often what you might call Starbucks "outlets" at Targets and inside grocery stores often sell a more limited menu or, as is sometimes the case, don't accept payments or orders via the Starbucks app. The MDF release at Target proves that, yes, the brand does take its in-store locations just as seriously.

The Mocha Dark Frappuccino is currently being served at Starbucks locations inside Target stores while supplies last. But if you're not able to get into your local S-Target-bucks before then, don't despair! A Starbucks representative confirmed via email that the extra dark cocoa powder is on hand at Starbucks locations everywhere (it was previously used to make the ultra luxe Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino back in May), so you should be able to order this by special request anytime you'd like.