The program includes automatic Gold Status and more way to earn stars.


When Starbucks announced a major change to its rewards program back in 2016, there was some grumbling among fans that earning the freebies and other perks would be more difficult and more expensive. But as of today, Starbucks may have a solution for those craving more stars on their account. Of course, there’s a catch: While some people love airline points or cash back, others certainly love coffee and that’s what Starbucks is hoping will draw folks to its new co-branded Starbucks Rewards Visa Card from Chase.

For Starbucks fans, the credit card does come with a few enticing offers that include automatic gold status for their account (which usually requires earning 300 stars at two stars per dollar spent within a year), and more stars earned when making purchases with the credit card at Starbucks and anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

Aside from being a standard credit card offer, here's how the rewards portion works:

  • Earn a star for ever $4 spent anywhere
  • Earn up to three stars for every $1 spent at Starbucks (which comes by way of loading up your Starbucks Card via your Starbucks Rewards Credit Card at one star per dollar, then paying with said Starbucks Card in the app to earn the standard two stars per dollar spent).
  • Connect the card to your Starbucks app account and earn a bonus 250 stars
  • Spend $500 in the first three months and earn 2,500 bonus stars, which the brand points out is equal to 20 free food or drink items.

Additionally, cardholders will be privy to a special menu of eight items that will roll out through the year as “Barista Picks” and will be available to order via the app. The card does, however, come with a $49 annual fee, so if you're spending less than that on lattes every year, you're a) probably not a Starbucks devotee, and b) apparently making your lattes at home!

Interested Starbucks lovers can apply online.