After a successful test run, it's rolling out nationwide.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 24, 2017
avocado spread
Credit: © Starbucks

Despite being a global coffee-serving behemoth, Starbucks has regularly found itself ahead of the trends. Needless to say, you don’t open over 20,000 locations without having foresight into the demand for quality coffeehouses. And I think we can safely lay the blame for the pumpkin spice trend at Starbucks’ door. But the ‘Bucks also isn’t above following a trendy item to market as well – be it a flat white, nitro cold brew or almond milk. So if anything, we should probably be surprised the coffee chain’s latest announcement took this long: Starbucks is adding an avocado spread to its national menu.

“Starbucks Organic Avocado Spread” – which the company describes as being “made with fresh, organic Hass avocados, sea salt, onion, garlic, jalapeño pepper and lime juice” – is just one of a bunch of new items announced today as part of an “evolving” spring menu. Other buzzword-friendly additions include a “Gluten-Free” Smoked Canadian Bacon Breakfast Sandwich and a “vegan” Sprouted Grain Bagel. (For the record, most bagels are vegan, but so is this one.)

But Starbucks’ foray into avocado spread would seem to have the broadest appeal as even the gluten-free and vegan crowds can agree that avocados are a worthy indulgence. Apparently, the 90-calorie, tiny pre-sealed tubs of green goodness have been getting a test run in select markets since August at a retail price of $0.95 but are finally just now getting a nationwide rollout.

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However, one potential pitfall is that avocado spread isn’t particularly helpful without anything to spread it on, and at this point, Starbucks avocado-worthy options appear to be a bit limited. Of course, the aforementioned new bagels, just one of a few bagel choices, are capable of serving as an avocado base. But the rest of the bakery tends to skew towards the sweet side. Eater speculated that this new avocado spread could be Starbucks’ attempt to tackle the avocado toast trend but one small problem: Starbucks doesn’t sell toast. Even if they did, as Cosmopolitan pointed out, despite being dubbed a “spread,” the ingredients accompanying the avocado essentially turn it into a guacamole (a good guac according to Cosmo, but a guac none the less).

So though the name says “avocado spread,” the real truth appears to be that Starbucks has just unleased guacamole at one of the largest chain in the US. The next move seems obvious to me: Starbucks tacos. Yes, it’s not necessarily a trend, but tacos are always what the people want!