Think pink.

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Starbucks has collaborated with Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand to create some extremely chic travel cups as summery as the iced coffee they're intended to carry. The striped drinkware will likely make even the least complicated latte order look Insta-worthy.

Does this whole thing sound a little familiar? Starbucks teamed up with earlier this year to release their "Tropical Floral" and their "Good Times" cup. The newest releases, while keeping with the millennial pink color scheme, go a little more for the cute vibe, with a bold pink, red, and white striped print and a beachy illustrations print. Both hot-coffee-friendly travel mugs and iced-coffee-ready cold cups are available. In fact, they're even selling matching lunch bags, notebooks, pencil cases, and keychain pouches, as pictured in's Instagram announcement.

Okay, so there's one big hitch in all of this. Despite and Starbucks both being American brands, these cups are only available in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, and China. So, while that's a lot of places, none of them are anywhere in the States.

starbucks summer merchandise
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But, U.S. coffee and design lovers, there's still hope. is holding a giveaway: you can enter here to win Starbucks' coffee cups. Forty-five winners will get one travel mug and one cold cup, and five winners will get two of each (presumably one in each print), as well as a matching notebook, lunch bag, pencil case, and keychain pouch. Because when it comes to coffee cups, there's no reason not to accessorize.

For those of us who don't get lucky in the sweepstakes,'s usual collection of drinkware is still pretty great, so we can always just get our iced coffee in one of those. Like the Starbucks collection, most of's cups, mugs, and water bottles include some combination of bold prints, millennial pink, and gold.